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Playing the Third Street Promenade

The first time my family visited Santa Monica, I was enthralled by the variety of street performers — especially the musicians.

Since then, I have wanted to play live on the Promenade.  Well, this summer, I did it!

What an experience!

First, you need a street performers license. And to get that, I needed my entertainment work permit (as a minor). Then there are all the rules: designated areas, 10-feet from any store or bus stop, forty-feet from any other performer. (I had my dad figure all that out, so I could work on my set.)

There’s a community of regular performers there, and they were all very helpful. Every two hours you have to move to another spot, which means performers scope out the best spots and get in line to grab them. Sometimes this means waiting around for a session to get to play in a good spot. But that’s fine, because we get to watch the other performers. (And eat!)

The people out supporting the performers are wonderful too.

I received a lot of encouragement and was even passed some wonderful notes from listeners — encouraging me to follow my dreams!

Thanks to everyone who listened.

Santa Monica performance


Santa Monica performance